A sustainable recovery is built on a detoxified and well-nourished body, mind and spirit. Stick around and learn how to add the power of nutrition, lifestyle and alternative medicines to your recovery toolbox! 

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If you're looking to up level your recovery, you're in  the right place. 

Healing the body is often overlooked in addiction recovery. The problem with this philosophy is that only a healthy brain can produce a healthy mind. An unhealthy brain craves drugs, alcohol, caffeine, nicotine,  junk food and unhealthy behaviors for relief from depression, anxiety, fatigue, pain, and more. 

Roots Recovery Clinic is here for you to learn how to get balanced, energized, clear-minded, craving-free and back on track so that the best days of your life can be after your addiction is over.


I teach people in or seeking recovery from addiction how to  to feel better than they ever imagined was possible by adding the power of nutrition, lifestyle and alternative medicines to their recovery toolbox.

What I do...

My passion is teaching people how to use nutrition, lifestyle and alternative medicines to support their recovery from addiction, chronic stress, mood swings, fatigue, chronic pain, medication dependency, and more so that they can feel good in their own skin and experience true freedom, even when it seems impossible.

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My Services

If you're seeking recovery, I can help you come up with a solid plan and support you in achieving your goals. 

If you're in recovery, I can teach you how to feel better naturally and prevent relapse.

If you're supporting others in or seeking recovery personally or professionally, I can provide education and support. 

If you're hosting an event, I can speak.


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Recovery Health Review

The best place to start is with a Recovery Health Review,  an in-depth, addiction-informed health history.   I use this information to  help clients taper off medications, overcome addictions, cravings, relapse, mood problems, fatigue, chronic pain, lack of focus,  insomnia and more with nutrient therapy and other holistic approaches.


Success Stories


“Working with Jen has changed my view on recovery forever and has given me the energy and stability I need to keep going.”

- greg, client


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In a year from now, your future self will wish you would've started today.

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